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11-3-16As with many things, paying attention to consumers and their habits in the economy are one of the best ways to gauge how a good or commodity is doing.  Recently, a market research firm by the name of NPD Group did a study of what Americans are choosing to drink, and we think you’ll be surprised to find out the results.  Read on to find out more!

We all know about the ongoing battle between water and soda, and which beverage Americans prefer, but recently one is heavily tipping the scale.  NPD found that bottled water is the top growing beverage and most common purchase of beverages.  This goes for both dining out and drinks for home.  In fact, water ordered at restaurants increased by 12% over the last year, and bottled water purchased at stores has seen a drastic increase over the past ten years, effectively pushing aside its sweet and sugary competitor.

While soda still has a spot on the list, it is slowly falling into the shadows of water.  More and more people have learned of all the great benefits water has to give, and are taking advantage.  From making you feel better to giving you all-natural energy, clean spring water is the best way to go.

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