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source of spring water bottle filling holding hand in Pyrenees mountain

With a name like groundwater, you may want to believe that the water is filthy—almost to the point of mud.  Despite its misleading name, groundwater is actually some of the purest water that can be found on the face of the Earth.

Natural springs occur when groundwater breaks the surface, and it is where we bottle our water.  Groundwater is, as its name implies, water that is found in the ground, and that is brought to the surface through filtration.  Over time, the water in the ground is pulled through layers and layers of rock, which serves as a natural filter for the water.  Once the water reaches the surface at a natural spring, it’s ready to be bottled and consumed.  

Groundwater being pulled up to natural spring is nature’s way of purifying water.  By using time-tested methods, spring water is arguably the best water known to man because it is so pure.  Not only that, but the extra minerals are good for your body too!

We bottle our water at the source, so you know that you’re getting the cleanest, freshest, and best water for your body.  Give us a call and try it for yourself!

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