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Water can come in many forms—ice, liquid, and vapor, but it can also be served in two different ways: in a cooler or from a bottle.  While both are great ways to get your daily fix of water, there are advantages of both that may cause you to prefer one over the other.  Read on to find out some of these pros and cons, and see what type is good for you!

To compare a water cooler and a bottle, one of the first things we need to look at is portability.  Water being in a bottle has the advantage of being extremely portable, and if you do not have a reusable bottle on hand, then you may find yourself falling in the category favoring the bottle.  On the other hand, if you do have a reusable bottle on hand, you may prefer the cooler, as you can fill up the bottle more than the regular disposable bottle, and you get the added bonus of carrying your cool reusable one around.

Another thing to consider when looking to purchase one or the other is how many people you plan to buy water for.  For example, if you are looking to get water for the office, then a cooler will fit your needs so much better than some bottles will.  Conversely, if you are just buying water for yourself, then maybe the investment of a water cooler may not be in your interest, and you much rather have the bottled water.

Something else to keep in mind too is the availability of hot water.  Generally speaking, water coolers have a heating element built into them to allow for on-demand hot water.  If you are a big tea drinker or if you like the idea of always having hot water available, then maybe a cooler is right for you.

Sure, there may be a few things to consider when looking at one or the other, but just know that you can still have your Glen Summit Spring water no matter what medium you choose.  We distribute both bottles and gallons, and even coolers, so know that you are in good hands when you deal with us.

To find out more about coolers and bottles, give us a call today!

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