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Hey there Glen Summit Spring Water fans, and welcome to our newest feature: Fun Fact Friday!  Every Friday, we will write a different fact about water, and tell you a little about it.  

Join us today, as we give you a quick fact about how many bottles of water the average American goes through!

We all know that water is important, and bottled water is a great way to get in your daily amount.  But, did you know that on average, Americans will go through 2.5 million bottles of water an hour?  By doing some quick math, that adds up to 60 million a day.  Now, how’s that for some serious hydration?

If these figures are true, then how come the average American only consumes 20 ounces of water a day, just about 32% of the daily recommended value?  We can attribute this to certain people drinking a whole lot of water, whereas others may not drink as much.

However, you can help that statistic, and pull the average American water consumption up with just one simple call.  Grab that phone, dial us up, and we’ll run you over a case of our water so you can start drinking, and jump onto the hydration craze!

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