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Health Benefits of Water
Our body is composed of approximately 70% water, so why do we tend to avoid replenishing one of the most important things to keep us functioning? While it is well known that water is good for you, most people do not consume the appropriate amount on a daily basis. Improving your overall mental and physical health can be as simple as increasing your water intake. Here are some of the health benefits to drinking water.

Physically, water can do a great deal to help boost weight loss. Those who drink water are likely to lose more weight than those who don’t. Drinking water gives you the sensation of feeling fuller, allowing you to eat less. It has also been shown to boost metabolism by approximately 25% for each half liter of water consumed every 1.5 hours.

Going hand in hand with weight loss comes the extra perk or wake up that water can provide. Water has been known to increase ones’ energy and reduce fatigue. By staying hydrated, we can exercise longer or at a more intense rate, since your energy levels are up! Drinking water helps control your body temperature so that you can perform at an optimal level.

When it comes to self-care, having good skin is very important to many people. Drinking water can lead to clearer skin. While most people think it may just clear up simple acne, it also can help the healing process of blisters and frostbite. Water moisturizes your skins, deterring the look of aging skin.

Many people experience issues with digestion. They are surprised when indigestion can be addressed and “cured” with water. Drinking the suggested 6 to 8 glasses a day will help flush out your system. It can also help people who experience stomach issues that are a side effect of processed foods.

Drinking or gargling water can lead to a lower risk of disease. When you gargle water, you are less likely to contract respiratory infections. Water flushes out waste and toxins within the body which reduces the risk of sickness, or if you do experience it, the sickness will be less severe. It has been known to help fight the flu and many other ailments.

Mentally, water can improve our quality of life significantly. Dehydration can lead to a reduction in motivation and mood swings. Improving your energy levels will lead to a more productive and positive mental attitude. Being properly hydrated can also improve your brain function by boosting memory and lessen the likelihood of experiencing headaches. You can reduce the need to take pain relieving medications, simply by upping your water intake.

Not only can drinking water help your mental state, but it has been concluded that it can help people who suffer from depression or loneliness. The feeling of emotional warmth can be replaced with the physical warmth provided by spending more time in a warm shower.
Water may also allow us to think more clearly. When you are dehydrated your brain suffers from shrinkage. This causes the brain to struggle to perform at the level we need it to.

Water surrounds us and is within our grasp constantly. Consuming it should be, and is, a vital part of our daily routine. Water regulates and maintains many of our body’s basic functions, so it is key to rehydrate via drinking water and eating foods that consist of water. It takes one easy step to increase your physical and mental health, so do yourself a favor and have a glass or two!

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