7 Reasons to Drink Water

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Reasons to Drink Water

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1. Drink Water Maintains Balance of Body Fluids

You body is approximately composed of 64% water. Your kidneys regulate how much water to excrete or hold onto for reserves. Water is involved with almost every function of your body. Digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva and regulating body temperature though sweating. When you are thirsty make sure to grab some water, its the brain’s way of making you stay hydrated.

2. Water Helps in Controlling Calories

Water is not a miracle weight loss pill. Water can help if you are willing to drink water instead of sugary drinks through the day. Have a glass of water before eating your meal and you might eat less. Also, choosing veggies with high water content is good too.

3. Water Keeps Your Muscles in Tip Top Shape

Did you ever get a leg cramp? The majority of times it is caused by dehydration. Exercising, too much alcohol can diminish your electrolytes which causes to muscle fatigue. Make sure to drink two glasses of water before exercising or doing anything strenuous.

4. Keeps Your Skin Looking Fabulous

Drinking water will help make your skin look fabulous versus dehydration which would make you look like try leather. If you are thirsty it’s too late and you are already dehydrated. Make sure to drink water in the morning, all with some healthy fruit or veggie, to be adequately hydrated. Some moisturiser will help too.

5. Water is You Kidneys Friend

Water help you kidney flush out the bad stuff like toxins from drinking too much alcohol. Drinking enough water helps your kidneys flush out the bad stuff. You r urine should flow freely, be light in color, and a little odor. Not drinking enough water would put you a risk for kidney stones.

1. Water Keeps the Bowel Movements Normal

Ever get the “grips”? Yeah, it might mean that you didn’t drink enough water. That Italian hoagie is having trouble getting properly digested because you didn’t have enough water. When you don’t have enough fluid, your colon pulls water from the stool to maintain hydration, resulting in constipation. Eat veggies that are high in fiber with enough water so you don’t get the GRIPS!

7. Lower Stress with Water

Your brain is about 77% water. If you are dehydrated, your brain stresses out on top of your regular stresses of the day. At the office, make sure before or after a meeting to have a glass of water, it will keep you balanced.

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