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fall hydratedYes, it is officially the Fall season. The humid days and sweltering nights should begin to take a back seat to crisper air and outside fire pits.

One thing that shouldn’t take a back seat as the seasons transition, however, is the importance of being and staying hydrated as the temperatures continue to get colder throughout the winter months.

While we often don’t associate the colder weather with dehydration- because sweat evaporates quicker in the cold air and your body won’t get as hot – this could turn into a potentially dangerous scenario.

Activity levels can still be high with participation in cold-weather sports such as skiing, ice skating and sledding, so hydrating will remain paramount – even if you don’t necessarily “feel” thirsty, as you may during the warmer, summer months.

During the colder weather, the body’s response to thirst is lessened (some reports by up to 40-percent when you’re dehydrated). This happens because blood vessels will constrict themselves when we feel cold to prevent blood from flowing to your extremities. Because of this, your body fools itself into thinking it’s hydrated when it’s not. In cold weather, you may be less likely to drink more more voluntarily. Thus leading the way to dehydration.

Our Glen Summit Spring Water bottled options can help you stay hydrated even in the midst of all of your favorite winter activities. Don’t take a chance with your health.

Be active. Stay hydrated all year along.


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