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11-17-16Cubed, crushed, or even sculpted, ice is an important part of our daily lives.  While we notice that ice is many drinks that we consume, we seldom notice that it is extremely cloudy.  Today, join us as we break down why ice gets cloudy, and what you can do to have the clearest ice out there.

One of the main reasons as to why ice gets extremely cloudy is due to the impurities in the water itself.  Particles, microbes, and microorganisms–all of which are found in tap water–gets frozen and creates a cloudy hue to your ice.  It is important to mention that all of these particles that make ice impurities are the particles that you are drinking every time you turn on the tap.  Crazy, isn’t it?

Now, all water does not contain these impurities, and pure water makes for some of the clearest ice out there.  Take spring water, for example.  Since nature filters out all of the impurities without the use of harsh chemicals, your water becomes much more pure, and as a result, turns into clear ice.  It’s no coincidence why some ice sculptors use spring water in their creation.

However, you do not have to be a master ice-sculptor to take advantage of pure, clear ice in your home!  Simply take an ice cube tray, fill it with Glen Summit Spring water, and watch as the ice transforms into transparent blocks, fit for any refreshing drink, anytime of day.

To learn more of the wonders that spring water can do, be sure to check back to our blog every Tuesday and Thursday for a new article!

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